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LentiTran assures high titer lentivirus production


Lentiviral transfer vector (containing your gene of interest) does not include the essential viral packaging genes. Therefore lentivirus production needs co-transfection of lentiviral transfer vector with lenti packaging plasmids. To ensure high-titer virus production, transfection efficiency is critical. LentiTran is a transfection reagent that is specifically developed for high-titer lentivirus production. All details are on our an educational webpage for lentivirus production.


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Diagram of Lentivirus Production:

lentitran diagram


Featured Lentiviral products:

_ Lenti-shRNA: Guaranteed gene knockdown
_ Lenti-ORF: Efficient gene delivery, just add to cells (lentivirus)
_ Lenti packaging kit: Provide high efficient lentiviral packaging


lentitran1 lentitran2

High transfection efficiency by LentiTran into HEK293T cells for lentivirus production.

High transduction efficiency of GFP lentivirus produced with LentiTran. HEK293T cells were infected with the virus at MOI of 20.


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