ICT News September 2019





ImmunoChemistry Technologies (ICT) is your partner in cell viability assays, immunoassays, and assay services. With decades of assay and protein chemistry expertise, ICT has a wide range of products for immunoassay, cellular, and molecular diagnostics development.


New Product: Protein-Free Sample Diluent


Protein-Free Sample Diluent is used for the dilution of biological samples into the useful range of antibody-sandwich or antigen-down ELISA assays. This unique buffer contains a heterogeneous mixture of proprietary molecules that help reduce background noise associated with non-specific binding of signal generating conjugates to the plate well surface.


New Product: FLIVO FLIVO


products are cell permeant, non-toxic caspase inhibitors, allowing for the in vivo detection of caspase-mediated apoptosis in living animals. FLIVO is very sensitive and will also detect naturally occurring, low-level apoptosis.


ELISA & Assay Reagents


ICT's ELISA reagents are for assay development and test manufacturing. Our ELISA Solutions™ are specialized buffers and immunoassay components for assay development, specifically formulated to improve assay performance at each step.


Cell Viability Assays


We offer novel fluorescent detection reagents to study biological processes and cellular physiological status, including apoptosis, caspase activity, mitochondrial health, oxidative stress, autophagy, and more.