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The best discoveries take determination, dedication and reliable antibody tools. Yet, nearly 50% of all antibodies fail.* Backed by more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing and validation, you can trust every antibody from Bethyl. From catalog and custom polyclonal and recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies, to ELISA kits and sets, we have the solutions you need to take it to the next level. Work with Bethyl to bring your discovery into full focus.


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Competitors Rabbit anti -PD-L1
Monoclonal Antibody
Bethyl's Rabbit anti-PD-L1 Recombinant
Monoclonal Antibody [BLR020E] A700-020-1
 bethylimage1  bethylimage2
Application: IHC
Dilution: 1:200 Retrival: EDTH pH 8.0
Sample: Lung carcinoma
Application: IHC
Dilution: 1:100 Retrival:
Citrate pH 6.0
Sample: Lung carcinoma


Every antibody that Bethyl sells has been manufactured and validated to exacting standards at its US facility.


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Reproducibility matters and that’s
why, Bethyl has devised a unique
process for validating the specificity
of its antibody products. What does
it take for an antibody to pass our
validation and quality control?


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